Chromium (Cr)

Chromium (Cr)

Fun fact: Chromium is an integral part of all fats (lipids).

  • Chromium increases insulin sensitivity and enhances its effect.
  • By interacting with insulin, chromium increases the absorption of glucose in the blood.
  • Chromium regulates tissue respiration and enzyme activity of protein synthesis.
  • It can help to reduce blood pressure, reduce anxiety, fear and fatigue.
  • Plays a role in lipid (fat) metabolism and protein transporting in the body.
  • Can helps to prevent the development of diabetes.

RDA = Recommended Daily Amounts (EU data)

G = Grams

Mg = Milligrams

Mcg = Micrograms (1mg = 1000mcg)

F = Female

M = Male

Chromium – RDA

Ages 1-3 = 11mcg

Ages 4-8 = 15mcg

Ages 9-13 = F = 21mcg M = 25mcg

Ages 14-18 = F = 21mcg M = 35mcg

Ages 18+ = F = 25mcg M = 35mcg

Aja & Nova Organic products that contain Chromium (Herbs):

Spirulina (Available soon)

Nettles (Available soon)

Red clover.

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