Fluorine (F)

Fluorine (F)

Fun fact: Fluorine is the most electronegative element. This means that in fluorine attracts electrons more than any other element can.

  • Helps in the development of the skeleton and bone tissue healing in fractures.
  • Alongside calcium and phosphorus fluoride provides the strength of bones and teeth.
  • Stimulates blood formation.
  • Contributes to the development and hardening of tooth enamel.
  • Fluorine reduces the accumulation of radionuclide bone strontium (Strontium (Sr) is a type of isotope found in human bone) and reduces the effects of its radiation damage.
  • Fluorine contains components that combat hair follicle weakness that helps to strengthen hair strands, increasing blood flow to the scalp.

RDA = Recommended Daily Amounts (EU data)

G = Grams

Mg = Milligrams

Mcg = Micrograms (1mg = 1000mcg)

F = Female

M = Male

Fluorine – RDA

Ages 1-3 = 0.6mcg

ages 4-6 F = 0.9mg M = 1mg

ages 7-10 = F = 1.4mg M = 1.5mg

ages 11-14 = F = 2.3mg M = 2.4mg

ages 15-17 = F = 2.8mg M = 3.2mg

age 18+ F = 2.9mg M = 3.4mg

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