6 Organic Snack packs (Fruit and Nut mix)



Organic on the go snack packs!

This bundle consists of 6 items:

RDA = Recommended daily allowance, % Based on average diet recommendations.

These are just some highlights of the product you will receive in your snack packs. These little gems have even more nutritional benefits, but here are some of the big hitters.

125g Organic Almonds

(Per 100g = 21g of protein, 131% RDA of Vitamin E)

125g Organic Brazil nuts

(Per 100g = 30% RDA of Fibre, 94% RDA of Magnesium + super high in Selenium)

125g Organic Walnuts

( Per 100g = Over 10g of O-mega3 ALA fatty acid, 167% RDA of Copper)

125g Organic Dried Mango

( Per 100g = 58% RDA Vitamin A, 27% RDA of Vitamin C “Absorbic acid”)

125g Organic Black Mulberrries

( Per 100g = 61% RDA of Vitamin C, 23% RDA of Iron)

125g Organic Medjool dates

( Per 100g = 19.9% RDA of Potassium, 13.5% RDA of Magnesium, O% Trans fat)

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6 Organic Snack packs (Fruit and Nut mix)