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– Detox – Buchu is a powerful diuretic (expel toxins through fluids) it is used to help clean the organs especially the kidneys and the liver by helping to increase water flow to these areas. Buchu has a delicious taste that resembles a blend of citrus and mint, a great way to aid in the bodies detoxing functionality.

Buchu is a famous South African herb known by the people of the land as the elixir of life, traditionally used for a range of health issues Buchus (Agathosma betulina) are a family of plants in the Rutaceae Genus.

Buchu is native to the South African mountains of the Western Cape. It is considered a part of the San and Khoi people’s culture and is used in a variety of mixtures and infusions. Buchu has a wonderful flavour with a taste similar to lemon and mint. It is also a great tea for general kidney and liver detox.

Traditionally Buchu is used for urinary tract infections (UTIs), including infections involving the urethra (urethritis) and kidneys (pyelonephritis). It is also used by mouth for treating inflamed prostate high blood pressure, fever, cough, common cold, upset stomach, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gout and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). (Always consult a licensed doctor or herbalist if on medication or pregnant)

Country of origin: Nambia

Caution: If pregnant use should be under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner. People with kidney inflammation should also avoid use of Buchu.

All Herbal Infusions include unbleached, plastic free tea bags

Eco-Friendly: Our tubes are 100% recyclable (cardboard) also our block bags and inner packets are 100% home compostable and biodegradable to EN13432 standards (made from vegetable starch)

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How to use

Buchu can be made into a tea.

To make a tea:
1. Use a ratio of 1-2 tsp (1.5-3g) of Buchu to 1 cup (250ml) of water.
2. Boil the water using a kettle or pot.
3. Add herbs to a teapot then add boiled water or add herbs to a pot of boiled water (heat switched off).
4. Cover and allow to sit for 5-10 mins then strain and serve. Have 2-3 cups daily.
5. You can add citrus and natural sweeteners for extra flavour, we do not recommend sugar.

Herb profile

This is for information purposes only.

Name: Buchu (Agathosma betulina)

Also known by: Buku, bucco, bookoo, bucku.

Habitat: Buchu is native to South Africa, it has been grown in other parts of the world by is exclusively native to South Africa.

Parts of plant used: Dried leaves and flowers

Agathosma Species buchu are medicinal shrubs that belong to the Rutaceae family. The species are widely used throughout the Western Cape province of South Africa.

Buchu has been used traditionally as a general tonic, diuretic, and for the treatment of infections. The essential oil and the flavonoid content of the leaves are considered responsible for the medicinal effects ascribed to buchu.

Properties Buchu Contains:

Calcium – Maintains healthy blood pressure.
Chromium – Increases insulin sensitivity and enhances its effect.
Iron – Involved in the formation of immune cells.
Magnesium – Participates in the process of protein synthesis.
Manganese – Aids in the formation of connective tissue and bones.
Phosphorus – Helps to regulate mental activity.
Potassium – Aids in muscle contractions.
Selenium – Important part of vitamin E absorption.
Sodium – Key in emotional health.
Vitamin C – Acts as an antioxidant.
Zinc – Zinc has antitoxic and anti-viral properties.

Active ingredients:

Bioflavonoids: Hesperidin
Lipids: Limonene
Terpenes: Terpineol
Flavonoids: Diosmin, Quercitin, Rutin
Volatile Oils: Barosma, Camphor, Diosphenol , isomenthone Menthol, Pulegone [compound considered to be toxic-found in crenulata]

Flavonoids & Bioflavonoids = Flavonoids are a diverse group of phytonutrients (plant chemicals) that have anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic properties coupled with the ability to modulate key cellular enzyme function.

Volatile oils = A substance derived from a plant containing the principles to which the odor and taste of the plant are created, also known as essential oils.


Buchu is one of the South Africa's most important medicinal herbs and is highly sought after especially for the uses of its essential oils.
Buchu has been traditionally used as a general tonic, diuretic, and for the treatment of urinary infections.

Agathosma Species buchu are medicinal shrubs that belong to the Rutaceae family. The species are widely used throughout the Western Cape province of South Africa.

There is two main species that have been widely used:

A. betulina and A. crenulata
The two species are known as true buchu however, due to their characteristic leaf shapes A. betulina is known as round leaf buchu and A. crenulata as long leaf buchu. A.betulina is recommended for commercial use due to a higher level of toxins in A.crenulata.

Note: Always refer to a professional herbalist or doctor before using herbs medicinally, we make no claims as to the medicinal use of our herbal products. There are many clinical trials and research that can help you to understand the uses of herbs.

Always check with a licensed herbalist or practitioner/doctor when using herbal supplements for specific issues or if on medication or pregnant.

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