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This Luxury Hot Chocolate blend is made with high quality ingredients. Known as the high end of Cacao pods, Criollo Cacao has been referred to by ancient South American tribes as the “Food of the gods”. Carried from the Amazon and traded until reaching the hands of the Mayans and Aztecs, Criollo was cultivated to make chocolate.

Criollo is very rare, it only makes up a tiny percentage of the cacao on the market, just 3%! with few plantations and a lower yield due to the plant being less resistant to disease  (it is less hybridised to have these characteristics), it’s one of the most expensive cacao’s on the market.

We’ve added gelatinised Maca Root and Baobab Powder to our Luxury Hot Chocolate to create a unique flavour profile. This brings a malt like taste to this indulgent treat and a burst of fruit flavour.

This is a 100% Organic, with no added sweetener or any filler ingredients – just three wonderful ingredients to create a lovely, chocolate drink! Enjoy!


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How to use

• 1-3 tsp of Maca can be added to smoothies or juices.
• It can also be used in cooking, add it to pulses, stews or baked goods.
• You can make a Maca smoothie with a base of nuts and/or seeds.
Blend the nuts and/or seeds then add water, hot or cold. Add 2 tsp
of Maca and sweeten with dates or natural sweeteners, not sugar!

Nutritional information

Energy kcals 327
Energy kj 1369
Total Fat 0.8g
Of which saturates – 0.2g
Carbohydrates 60.9g
Of which sugars 38.3g
Protein 10.0g
Fibre 18.0g
Salt 50.0mg


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Organic Luxury Hot Chocolate