Organic Raspberry Leaf


Caution: Although Raspberry Leaf is generally considered safe to use. Check with your doctor to ensure safe use if on medication or pregnant.

The Raspberry Shrub (Rubus Idaeus) is a perennial plant that is a member of the rose family. The Red Raspberry is native to Europe and Northern Asia. There are many different types of Raspberry species native to different regions of the world including black, white and yellow varieties. Raspberry leaf has a long history of being used in traditional medicine practices and is still celebrated today.

Country of origin: Bulgaria

All Herbal Infusions include unbleached, plastic free tea bags

Eco-Friendly: Our tubes are 100% recyclable (cardboard) also our block bags and inner packets are 100% home compostable and biodegradable to EN13432 standards (made from vegetable starch).

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How to use

Raspberry Leaf can be made into a tea. Have 2-3 cups daily.

To make a tea:
1. Use a ratio of 2-3 tsp (2-3g) of Raspberry Leaf to 1 cup (250ml) of water.
2. Boil the water using a kettle or pot.
3. Add herbs to a teapot then add the water, or to the pot with the heat off.
4. Cover and allow to sit for 5-10 mins then serve.
5. You can add citrus and natural sweeteners for extra flavour, we do not recommend sugar.

Nutritional information

Raspberry Leaf contains these constituents in varied amounts.


Gallo tannins
Ellagic tannins


Vitamin A
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

Herb profile

Raspberry leaf (Rubus idaeus)

Habitat: The plant is indigenous to Europe and Asia and is cultivated in temperate climates.

Production: Raspberry leaf consists of the leaf of Rubus idaeus. (The raspberry plant)

Medicinal Parts: The medicinal parts are the leaves and fruit.

Mode of Administration: As a component of purgative and "blood purifying" teas, and in fruit tea mixtures.

Traditionally Raspberry leaf is used for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, the respiratory tract, the cardiovascular system, and the mouth and throat.

In folk medicine: Raspberry preparations were used to facilitate childbirth. NEVER try self medicate ALWAYS consult your doctor first.

Aja Nova Organic limited makes no medicinal claims about our herbal products.

Always check with a licensed herbalist or practitioner/doctor when using herbal supplements for specific issues or if on medication or pregnant.

This is for information purposes only.


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