P.O.W.A.H UP (Superfoods blend)


P.O.W.A.H UP is a unique blend of 9 superfoods, Hemp, Lucuma, Mango, Chlorella, Olive, Kale, Moringa, Mucuna Pruriens (Werepe) and Nettle. This blend has been formulated as a one stop, all round body booster. Packed with essential nutrients like Protein, Fibre Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Vitamins A, B complex, C and K, L-DOPA plus much more. Feed your body, detox and nourish your cells, help your skin and hair to glow, all with this delicious tasting green juice. A versatile superfood blend for everyday use.

Add to smoothies, juice, directly to water or mix into food.

P.O.W.A.H = Plant-based. Organic. Wholefoods. And. Herbs

Weight 0.2 kg

Hemp protein powder*, Lucuma powder* Mango Powder*, kale powder*, Chlorella powder*, Olive leaf powder*, Moringa powder*, Mucuna pruriens powder*,
Nettle powder* (* = Organic ingredients)

How to use

2-4 tsp of P.O.W.A.H UP can be added to water, smoothies, juices, or mixed into food. Stir well until the powder dissolves for best results.


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P.O.W.A.H UP (Superfoods blend)