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With over 50 Organic products Aja Nova Organic are on a mission to make your Plant-Based journey a lifestyle.
Join the PB revolution and harness your P.O.W.A.H (Plant-Based. Organic. Wholefoods. And. Herbs)

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We have a range of loose leaf Herbal Infusions for every mood

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From Maca Root to Luxury Hot Chocolate

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Available in 3 flavours, 100% Organic and Vegan Friendly

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Harness your P.O.W.A.H (Plant-Based. Organic. Wholefoods. And. Herbs) Plant-Based is a lifestyle, a choice you make to sustain your body on what nature provided us with. Together we are all on a journey of reconnection - a healthier approach to how we see ourselves. Just like us, it's not perfect but it has the ability to make us better if we just have a little faith.
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