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Plant-Based. Organic.
Wholefoods. and. herbs.

Organic Herbal infusions
Organic superfood powders
organic Dried fruits & Nuts
organic Wholegrains & pulses
organic alkaline seasonings
organic Plant-based supperclubs
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Aja Nova Organic 

We have created a range of fully Plant-Based, Certified Organic, Wholefoods And Herbs designed to aid you on your health journey. Alkaline diet? health food vegan? just like good tasty high quality foods? We got you covered!

Our range includes:

Herbal Infusions – Superfoods Blends – Wholegrain & Pulses – Alkaline Culinary Blends – Gourmet Fudge Range – Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

We are certified by the organic food federation GB-ORG-04 & Vegan friendly ltd

 Our packaging is a mix of 100% recyclable cardboard & certified 100% compostable plant film

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