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Happy new year! for 2024 we wanted to start off the right way with a 21 day cleanse. The festive season is usually filled with a lot of indulgence and the best way to make sure we balance out those negative effects is to detox!  We put together a super easy 21 day cleanse that is so simple that everyone can join in. All you have to do is prepare 3 teas per day, each week we change the herbal infusion used but use the same superfood powders: 2x herbal infusions a day (Moringa & night) 1x superfood tea a day (Afternoon)

This bundle consist of 5 products, 3x 40g herbal infusions & 2 100g superfood powders
Burdock Root & Elderberry/ Plantain & Elderflower/Moringa/Irish Sea Moss/ Maca Root Blend


How to do the challenge

Week 1 – Burdock & Elderberry/ Irish Sea Moss & Maca Root Blend

Week 2 – Ribwort Plantain & Elderflower / Irish Sea Moss & Maca Root Blend

Week 3 – Moringa/ Irish Sea Moss & Maca Root Blend

What do they do?

Burdock & Elderberry – Cleans the blood and improves digestion

Ribwort & Elderflower – Cleans the lungs & reduces mucus build up

Moringa – Improves nutrition/brain chemistry & reduces cholesterol

Irish Sea Moss – Nourishes the whole body & soothes the mucus membrane

Maca Root Blend – Boosts energy & helps to build muscle & bone

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21 day challenge bundle