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Yerba mate – Energy – has been enjoyed for centuries by people across South America. Yerba Mate is a naturally caffeinated energy herb. It is traditionally enjoyed hot with a filtered straw in a hollow gourd, while other people prefer drinking it over ice. The plant is a member of the holly family and produces a strong, bitter drink similar to green tea. Traditionally Yerba mate is known as a natural remedy for:

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Weight management
  • Chronic headaches

Check out this study about Yerba Mate:

Study link; Yerba Mate a long but current history

Conclusion of study: The studies cited in this paper have provided information on the potential health benefits of Yerba Mate consumption. These include antioxidant (in vitro and in vivo), hypocholesterolemic, weight loss, cardioprotective, anti-diabetic (in type 2 diabetes), anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer effects. Drinking Yerba Mate beverages seems to be justified, especially as a component of functional foods for chronic diseases with lipid metabolism disorders, and has elevated blood glucose levels, obesity, and even inflammation.


Attention: Yerba Mate interacts with different types of medication and is not recommended to consume with heavy alcohol use. 

Always check with a licensed herbalist or practitioner/doctor when using herbal supplements for specific issues or if on medication or pregnant.

This is for information purposes only.

Following UK law, Aja Nova Organic Limited makes no medical claims about this product.

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